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"A Hand Up, Not a Handout"

●We are a majority minority-owned, adult use cannabis retail company, with a proposed Dorchester location.

●EVOKE President Cleon M Byron and the Byron family have owned the property of the proposed site for over 30 years

●We are committed to hire within the community, and support local initiatives, like urban farming, to promote health, wellness and self-sufficiency

●Our Host Community Agreement (HCA) meeting is June 27th at 6pm at the Mildred Community Center. Please come by and show your support!

Our Vision

  • We are committed to safety, first and foremost, for our customers, our community, and our employees  

  • We believe in Strength through diversity. Our team represents diverse skills and talents, from military veterans of color with specialties in compliance and quality control, to Urban entrepreneurs with deep knowledge and experience in the cannabis market, to scientists and educators in cannabis research. 

  • Making a positive impact. EVOKE plans to channel success as a cannabis retail into programs that teach and support urban farming, helping supply the community with organic vegetables while teaching self-sufficiency.

  • Sourcing and supplying the absolute highest quality cannabis-based products available in the Massachusetts 

  • Providing the highest quality, science-based information about our products to our employees and our customers. We believe in being honest about what is known and not yet known about consuming cannabis in all its many forms.


Our Team

Cleon M. Byron

President, Chief of Urban Affairs and Community Outreach

Cleon is a local entrepreneur, from a family of entrepreneurs. From real estate to transportation, he has built successful businesses that have served the community, including a school bus service providing transportation to low income children.


Devonta Davis

VP, Director of Regulatory Compliance and Quality Control

A Marine veteran, Devonta oversaw the maintenance, and ensured the successful functioning and inventorying of advanced military equipment based on strict protocols. He is finance major with sales, marketing, cultivation and brand building experience in the cannabis industry

Carl O'Neal

VP, Business Development & Vendor Relations

Carl's knowledge of the cannabis market, and network of industry players across the globe, are extensive. Carl regards his prior marijuana convictions as "cannabis diplomas," especially in light of the state's inclusion of them as criteria for their social equity program.  


Our Proposed Marijuana Establishment

The site of the dispensary will be the former Nail Salon at 1102A Blue Hill Ave, a 3,318.5 ft2 corner building on a total lot of 15,334 ft2. We will utilize a small, discrete area in an underutilized parcel in the midst of a commercial corridor.

The dispensary will be open during the hours of 10am-8pm. The dispensary sales floor is roughly 2000 square feet in size. We will have our products in locked display cases or in vaults in storage areas.


In accordance with the CCC’s regulations set forth in 935 CMR 500.110(3), the property is not located within 500 feet of a public or private school providing education to children in kindergarten or grades 1 through 12.

EVOKE will apply for all state and local permits and approvals required to operate a dispensary facility at the property, and will also work cooperatively with various municipal departments to ensure that the proposed facility complies with all state and local codes, rules and regulations with respect to design, renovation, operation and security. See our architectural plan on right.



1102A Blue Hill Ave, Boston, MA